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Chappy’s corner: “Who’s in charge?”

Ole and Swen were digging a ditch, and Lars was sitting under the tree enjoying a glass of lemonade. Ole muttered to Swen, “Why does Lars just sit there while we are sweating away digging?” Swen replied, “I don’t know?” Ole then said, “Well go ask him?”  So Swen climbed out of the ditch walked over to Lars and asked, “How come you’re out here and we are down there doing all the work?”  Lars looked at him and said, “Because I’m in charge. I’m the boss!” Swen climbed back into the ditch and started digging, so Ole asked him, “What did Lars say?”  Swen replied, “He said, he’s the boss!” Ole answered him, “I know he’s the boss, but what makes him the boss?”  Swen replied, “I don’t know?” Ole then said, “Well go ask him?”  So Swen climbed out of the ditch walked over to Lars and asked, “What makes you the boss?”  Lars replied, “Let me show you.  I’m going to put my hand in front of this tree and I want you to hit my hand as hard as you can.”  Swen swung his fist at Lars hand, but right before he hit the hand, Lars moved it and Swen hit the tree. “Ouch!” Swen cried.  Lars looked at Swen and said, “The reason I’m the boss is because I have brains!”  Swen climbed back into the ditch and started digging, so Ole asked him. “What did Lars say?”  Swen replied, “He said, he’s the boss because he has brains!”  Ole looked at him strangely and said, “What does that mean?”  Swen said, “Look I’ll show you.” At that moment Swen held up his hand in front of his face and said, “See my hand, now hit it as hard as you can!”

Everybody has somebody who is in charge of them.  An Army private has a section sergeant in charge of him, but the sergeant has a platoon leader in charge of him, and the platoon leader has a company commander in charge and so it goes.  Even the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has to report to the President of the United States, who may be the commander and chief, but he’s not in charge of everything.  He too has people he has to report to including Congress, the Supreme Court and in some areas also to his spouse.   Many folks might think they are in charge but chances are they have to report to someone, and eventually everyone will have to report to God who is in charge of everything because He made everything.

Someday all of us will face God and the question will be did we follow him or fail to follow him.  Personally I haven’t always followed my Lord and I’m not alone. The bible says “all have sinned and fallen short.”  The truth is God expects us to be perfect, but we are not perfect and for that reason we should fear God’s anger and punishment.  But the good news is that instead of casting us aside, God chose to send His son to be our savior.   Jesus came and died to pay the price for all our mistakes and wrongs.  But Jesus also rose from the dead and that proves that He is all powerful. So instead of living in fear of Christ’s judgment we can in faith look with joy to Christ’s coming again, plus we can live each day knowing we are in the loving care of the King of Kings.

The Bible says, “I will lift up my eyes to the hills from where comes my help, it comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth.” (Psalm 121)  During my deployment I woke up each morning to see the mountains surrounding Kabul and I was reminded each day of that verse and how my life was in the hands of the Almighty who made heaven and earth. As I went about my duties in a country torn apart by war, I could live without fear because I knew that I was in the hands of the lord who made me and died for me, and He, Jesus is in charge of everything!


That’s just my thoughts from this SE corner of South Dakota!


CH (COL) David Gunderson