August 2017  
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Over 50 Fellowship Group
11:00 AM
A group of people over 50 who gather to delve into God's Word, eat lunch together, and play cards in the afternoon. Come join them!
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St. John's Preschool
Head Teacher: Jami Stevens

Mission Statement
        The mission of St. John’s Lutheran School is "to prepare children spiritually, socially, and academically for their continued education and development while nurturing the whole child in a warm, caring, Christ-centered environment."        

Philosophy Statement
        St. John’s Lutheran School is a Christ-centered program firmly believing that each child is a unique and special gift from God.  We provide a flexible and balanced schedule of age appropriate activities emphasizing Christian principles, experimentation, and exploration.  Our classes are designed to meet the needs of each child and stimulate learning in all developmental areas.

St. John's Preschool offers the following classes:

        Pre K All Day (Monday-Friday 8:30-3:00 PM)

         Tuition: $330/month (St. John's Member); $345/month (non-member) ***includes lunch

     Pre-K (Monday-Friday 12:15-3:00 PM)  

          Tuition: $135/month (St. John's Member); $140/month (non-member)

     M/W/F 4 yr olds (12:15-3:00 PM) 

          Tuition: $90/month (St. John's Member); $95/month (non-member)

     M/W or T/TH 3 yr olds (8:30-11:15 AM) 

          Tuition: $75/month (St. John's Member); $80/month (non-member)

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