Chappy's corner

During a terrible flood, a man stood on his front porch and watched the water rise. Soon a National Guard truck pulled up and the Soldier said, “Climb in and we will take you to a safe place!” The man replied, “God will take care of me!” The water continued to rise and the man went to the second floor. Soon a boat with the National Guard came by and the Soldier cried out, “Climb in and we will take you to safe place!” The man replied again, “God will take care of me!”  The water continued to rise and the man was forced to stand on his roof.  This time a National Guard helicopter came by and a rope was lowered. The pilot shouted “Grab the rope and we will take you to a safe place.”  The man replied, “God will take care of me!”  The water rose higher and the man drowned.  In heaven face to face with God, the man asked, “God why didn’t you save me?”  God replied, “I sent a truck, a boat and a helicopter, what more did you need?”

The story is pure fiction, but it illustrates an important truth. Even in the midst of terrible times God is there providing for us. But many people, like the man in the story, don’t see God at work.  They don’t see it, because they expect God to work according to their way of doing things.  They may trust in God, but trusting in God doesn’t mean we simply sit back and wait for some spectacular miracle. God is always watching over us and He daily provides for us and that includes using the resources God provides.

The National Guard is one resource of how God provides for us.  But consider this example which occurs quite often. Road Construction on the highways is occurring right now but did you ever think that is one way God is providing for us to have safe travel.  Most of us see road construction as a hindrance to our speed of travel, but without it we would have dangerous roads for travel. God is looking out for our safety by providing the right people to do the work that needs to be done.  Every day God is constantly providing for us by giving us doctors, dentists, teachers, farmers, lawyers, plumbers, mechanics, contactors, Soldiers and the list goes on and on of folks who are there to help. Through these individuals God is providing for us. God is also using each one of us to help take care of others.   Parents are caring for their children; children caring for their elderly parents; neighbors watching out for each other. We are here to help care for each other.

Now as a member of the Christian faith I also believe that God provides not only for my life now, but for my eternal life.  Due to my imperfection and sinful condition I have no way of saving myself. Like the man on the roof I’m lost, but the good news is that through God’s gift of His Son Jesus, I have a hope beyond this life. Through Jesus suffering death, and resurrection my salvation is paid for in full.   God provides for us, but He does it His own way, which is always the best way!

That’s just my thoughts from this corner of South Dakota!

CH (COL) David Gunderson