Chappy’s corner: “That’s not right?”

The campaign manager told Ole and Swen that the election would be very tight and they needed all the votes they could get. So he sent to the city cemetery to get names and put them on ballots for their candidate.  When they arrived at the cemetery, Ole said, “Swen you get names from the tombstones up front, and I will go down a few rows and get names.” After an hour Ole came back and asked Swen “Swen I have one hundred names how many names did you get?” Swen said, “Two names” Ole screamed “Only two names in one hour? What’s the matter with you?”  Swen explained, “Well these tombstones are close to the road and they have a lot of dirt and grime on them. It takes me a half an hour just to get one of them clean enough to read the names.” Ole shakes his head and says, “Just skip that row and go on to the next one.” Swen replies, “Oh no, Ole this is America and everyone gets the right to vote in America!

We may argue that what Ole and Swen were doing was not right.  Certainly crooked politics is wrong but sadly we have had crooked politics in our country’s history and probably in the future. Institutions like the government, schools, and even the church are made up of people and where there are people, there is sin.  Sin infects what we say, do and think. People, including our leaders who should know better end up doing what is wrong for a variety of reasons.   Because institutions fail us at times many folks get disgusted with the church, the military and the government.  In light of the current government shut down many folks right now are very disgusted with the government.  We look at what they do or are not doing and we complain by saying “that’s not right!”

Jesus could have said that’s not right when the religious leaders and the government of his day failed to do the right thing.  They condemned and killed Jesus who was an innocent man.  From our viewpoint we say “that’s not right” but God had a plan.   Jesus told his followers, “Listen,” he said, “we’re going up to Jerusalem, where the Son of Man will be betrayed to the leading priests and the teachers of religious law. They will sentence him to die and hand him over to the Romans. They will mock him, spit on him, flog him with a whip, and kill him, but after three days he will rise again.” Jesus knew the evil in people’s hearts, but that didn’t stop Jesus from caring for them or for us.  Because He loved the world God gave His only Son to be beaten, tried and crucified in order to pay the price for our sins and to give to all who trust in Him eternal life.  That was God’s plan.

Jesus knew that the government and church of his day were not perfect, but God used those agencies to do His will.   The same is true today. We may see bad things in various institutions and we may cry out “that’s not right” and if we have a way of making it right we should strive to do it.  But we also need to remember that no matter what is happening in our lives God is still in charge and He can use a “not so perfect” group of people to His will.   Just as God can use us who are not perfect to do His will.


That’s just my thoughts from this SE corner of South Dakota

CH (COL) David Gunderson