Chappy’s corner: Well did you know?

The Army sent chaplains to examine seminary students to be chaplains.  The first one came in and the question was asked, “Do you know what the meaning of Easter is?” The guy replied, “Easter is when a guy in a red suit dresses up and delivers presents to good little boys and girls!” the Army chaplains shook their head and said, “That’s Christmas not Easter!”  So the next man came in and they asked, “Do you know what the meaning of Easter is?” He replied, “That’s when a cute little guy with wings shoots people with an arrow and they fall in love!” Once again they shake their heads and said, “That’s Valentines’ day!” The third man came in and they asked, “Do you know what the meaning of Easter is?” The man replied, “Well on Easter the stone in front of the Jesus tomb was rolled away.” The Army chaplains eagerly said, “Okay, what else?” The man continued by saying, “And then Jesus walked out of the tomb and if he saw his shadow we have six more weeks of winter and if he didn’t see his shadow then we had six weeks to Spring.”

None of them became chaplains, but that last story sounded a lot like “Ground Hog Day” which is this coming Sunday, February 2nd.   On that day many folks in Pennsylvania will gather around to see if the groundhog sees his shadow or not, and based on that they make their weather prediction.  To most folks this is pure silliness.  Groundhogs can’t predict the weather, and that is true about so much in life.  Many folks talk about this or that as if they have great wisdom and facts, yet they don’t have the power to look into the future.

For example this Sunday two teams will meet in the Super Bowl for the past two weeks many folks have made their predictions on which team will win. Some base it on the statistics, the weather, the abilities of certain players, and some just pick a team because they like that team.  But whatever may be a person’s reason for picking a team to win the fact reminds no one knows for certain what team will win. Only when the game is over we will know the winner but until then we don’t know.

What’s true about predicting the weather and the outcome of a football game is also true about life.  We don’t know much about the future.  We can talk about retirement plans, about travel plans, about who we want to marry, where we will work, what school we will attend and all of that is fine… but as we gaze into the future there is plenty of uncertainty.  Who knows if by next year at this time that our economy will be better or poorer, we will have another incident like 911 or another Hurricane Katrina disaster. Who knows if we won’t be facing a serious illness or a loss of a job?  When it comes to the future we can talk all we want, but that doesn’t mean we know what we are talking about.

The truth is the only certain things in life are taxes and death, and some folks have a way of sneaking out of paying taxes. But Death, that we can’t cheat no matter how smart we are.  Don’t you know that people die all the time? Yes, Death is a fact of life. Or maybe I should I say, “Everybody knows that.”  But “Did you know” that there is a hope beyond death?  That may sound strange, but if you remember the original question, “Do you know what the meaning of Easter is?”  For those who are called Christians, Easter is that day Jesus who rose from the dead to show He is all powerful and that His death on the cross was His way of paying for the sins of the world, so that whoever believes in Him will have everlasting life.  Through faith in Christ one can have a future that goes beyond Death.  I realize that to some this may sound foolish while others may say, “Do you know what you are talking about?”  My answer is this, “Well, yes I do know that, and more importantly I believe it”

That’s just my thoughts from this SE Corner of South Dakota!

CH (COL) David Gunderson