Chappy’s corner: “A crash landing?”

Ole boarded a plane from Minneapolis to Miami.  After taking off the pilot announced to the passengers that the plane had four engines, but one engine was not working so their flight time would be one hour longer.  About five minutes later the pilot announced that a second engine had failed and so the flight time would be two hours longer.  After ten minutes, the pilot announced that a third engine had failed and the flight time would be three hours longer than expected.  At that point Ole turned to the man sitting next to him and said, “If that fourth engine fails we will be stuck up here for a long time!”

Obviously Ole was wrong. If the fourth engine failed, he wouldn’t be stuck at all. His trip would be over with … a crash.   For Ole and others it is better to go slow and get there, then not get there at all.  That is good advice for all of us as we live our lives.  Like Ole all of us have had to wait at times in our lives. One of my favorite reasons is “Please wait! We are experiencing technical problems”.  

But sometimes waiting is not the option. Sometimes that last engine does fail and we find ourselves headed for a crash.  We wait hours by the phone until, the doctor calls to tell us the cancer has returned. We wait hours for the boss to show only to hear “you’re being laid off” We wait months for our college son to return home only to get a knock at the door and hear “there has been an accident”.    What does one do when we wait and the only news we seem to get is “bad” news?

I suppose we could live in fear, but a better way is to live in faith. To do that requires us to remember who gave us life in the beginning.  God made us and God has a big interest in our lives.   He doesn’t want us living in fear, but rather to trust in Him.  Jesus said, “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)  Jesus sacrificed everything for us so we could have a life with Him now and forever. That is the good news and as we go through life there are few sure things, but God’s love in Christ is a sure thing.

Now most planes fly safely, some do crash. One could stop flying completely, or one could simply say, “My life is in God’s hands” and I can’t think of a safer place for a person to be. That’s just my thoughts from this SE corner of South Dakota!

CH(LTC) David Gunderson