Chappy’s corner: “A happy ending”

The church was interviewing potential pastors. The first candidate was asked, “What happened on Easter?” The fellow replied, “That’s the day Santa Claus gives toys to boys and girls.” The committee said, “That’s Christmas.” So they asked the second fellow, “What happened on Easter?” That fellow replied, “That’s the day they signed the declaration of Independence.” The
committee said, “ No that’s the 4th of July.” So they asked the final applicant, “What happened on Easter?” The man said, “On that day the stone in front of Jesus grave was rolled away “The committee said, “That’s right. And what else?” The man continued, “And Jesus came out of the grave and if he saw his shadow we have six more weeks of winter!” According to some the
third guy got the job.

Hopefully you know what Easter is all about. But, to truly appreciate Easter one also must know about Good Friday. Good Friday is the day Jesus suffered and died on the cross for the sins of the world. Good Friday begins with Jesus being whipped by soldiers, forced to carry a cross to a hilltop, and then have his hands and feet nailed to the wood. The movie “the Passion” portrayed this vividly, and personally I think the movie did a good job of showing the physical pain of Jesus suffering on Good Friday… but I wish they had done more with Easter Sunday. In the movie, all one sees is the figure of Jesus standing up and you see his pierced hand… A little more of Easter would be nice, because Easter is the happy ending of the story and we need
more happy endings.

Our world is filled with plenty of pain and suffering and all of us face hardships and heartaches in one form or another. Easter is a reminder that no matter what hardships we face, we have a Risen Redeemer and Living Lord who has conquered all our enemies and is with us even in those dark and difficult times. And trusting in Christ means we can look forward to a happy ending.

Now, when Jesus rose from the dead, things were different and that is true for us too! Many soldiers who have returned from overseas have gone through their own “dark valleys”, and now are experiencing the joyful reunions with others. But their lives and the lives of their loved ones are different. Things have changed. It is not exactly the way we left it. But, nothing ever stays the same; the world is always changing. And as we go through the various struggles in life, we find ourselves changing, hopefully for the better.

As I have witnessed the various homecomings with all the hugs and tears, I can’t help but think “heaven” is going to be like that… one big homecoming with Jesus at the center. He’s at the center because He made it all possible with that Easter so long ago.

Just my thoughts from SE corner of the sunny state of South Dakota!

CH (COL) David Gunderson