Chappy’s corner “Praise the Lord”

Charlie had a big sale presentation in Rapid City South Dakota, trying to get there fast he took some back roads and his car broke down. Thankfully there was a ranch close by and he ran over there and asked the rancher if he had any vehicle he could rent and take to Rapid City.  The rancher replied, “ My wife took the car, and the truck’s transmission is shot. I’m working on it now. The only way you could get there is by horse, but I don’t know about that.” Charlie said I can ride a horse! Please let me borrow it. I’ll pay whatever you want!”  The rancher replied, “Oh I don’t need no money, but I have to warn you my son is studying to be a preacher and he preaches day and night to this horse. So this horse doesn’t just get going when you say “giddy up” and it don’t stop when you say “whoa!” You have to use “Praise the Lord “to get her going and “Amen” to get her to stop.  Charlie smiled and said, “That’s fine I can handle that!”  So they saddled the horse, Charlie climbed on, and the rancher pointed him towards a path that would get him to the city in thirty minutes. He said there is an old bridge up ahead but be careful because there are some steep banks by the river he needed to watch out for on his way. Charlie thanked him and said; “Giddy up” The horse didn’t move the ranch looked at Charlie and said, “Remember what I told you!”  Charlie shouted, “Praise the Lord” and the horse took off on a full gallop racing down the path right by the edge of the river. Charlie held on tight and looked and saw that the bridge was out ahead of him and they were headed to go straight off the  cliff and into the raging water fifty feet below. But he couldn’t’ get the horse to slow down or stop. He shouted “Whoa!” over and over again, but the horse kept going. Finally Charlie remembered and he shouted, “Amen!” and the horse stopped on the very edge the cliff and small pebbles fell fifty feet below splashing in the raging river. Charlie looked down and with a big sigh of relief, he said, “Praise the Lord!”


Some folks might say that was not the time for Charlie to praise the Lord, but I would argue anytime is the right time to praise the Lord even when times are tough we can still give thanks to the Lord.  Because the good news is that we have a Lord who doesn’t disappear when the times are tough. He is there all the time. In the hospital room, the emergency room, and even at the funeral home, God is there.  So we can praise him and give thanks where ever we are. And we have plenty of reasons to thank him.  Thanking him for the food we devour this holiday, or for the families we have to visit with at the dinner table, or even for a few football games to watch this holiday.  There is no limit of reasons to praise God at this time of year or at any time of the year.  Many folks will be giving thanks, but for those who call themselves Christians, as I do,  this Thanksgiving is just another opportunity to thank  God for the greatest  blessing which is His Son Jesus who lived, died and rose again to bring forgiveness and life to all who trust in Him.


So whether one is sitting in a church or standing in line for a “Black Friday special” or watching some football, one can praise the Lord and give thanks to the Lord for all of God’s blessings.  Blessings like the freedom to worship as we choose, the freedom to travel where we want, the freedom to elect our government officials.  Many people don’t have such freedoms but we do in this country and those are reasons to be thankful.  We can also be thankful to the Lord for providing for us men and women in uniform who are willing to fight and defend those freedoms. Those folks include not only the military, but law enforcement, firefighters, and emergency workers and others who make sacrifices of time from family and friends in order to care for us.  Many of those folks won’t be home for this holiday because they are busy making sure the rest of us are safe or can get someplace safely, so hopefully all of us will thank the Lord for such people in our lives and when we get the chance it might be nice to say a personal “thank you” to them for what they have done to make sure we have the freedom to “give thanks” in this great nation.


That’s just my thoughts from this blessed SE corner of South Dakota!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

CH (COL) David Gunderson