Chappy’s corner “Scary Stuff!”

On one election night, Fred, the local political party chief told his gang “Okay let’s get out there and get votes for our guy and I don’t care how you do it!”  Then Fred turned to Ole and Swen and said, “You guys go to the cemetery and get as many names on this sheet as you can!” Ole and Swen came to the cemetery and Ole said, “Swen you take these rolls of tombstones up front and get names, and I will go down a few rolls and get names.”  After an hour, Ole came back and said, “I got 200 names, how many do you have Swen?”  Swen replied, “I have two names!”  “Only two names in one hour! What have you been doing?” Ole shouted. Swen answered, “Well Ole these tombstones by the street are all covered with dirt and grime and I can’t read them, so it takes me about half and hour to clean them up to get a name.”  Ole says, “Oh, don’t waste your time cleaning those tombstones, just go to the next roll and get names.” To that comment, Swen replied, “Oh, No Ole. This is America and in America everyone gets the right to vote!”


That story combines two scary items: graveyards and politics.  The thought of walking through a cemetery is a scary thought to many folks.  But some would prefer to do that then have to deal with the scary thought of another election year.  If you listened to the political ads of some candidates or about some issues this year, you might think the world would come to an end if you voted one way or another.  Doom, Despair and Destruction would descend upon us if this candidate should win or if we passed this issue.  Scare tactics tend to dominate at this time of year. 

But what scares you?  Ebola, bankruptcy, job loss, divorce, cancer, war, loneliness or maybe a hundred other items scares you.  But the fact is as long as we live in this world there will be scary times, but in the midst of those scary days we need to remember who is in charge.  It is not the President, or the Senate, or the Governor, the one in charge is GOD, who made heaven and earth and continues to oversee the whole project. More importantly He takes a personal interest in us.   Jesus told his disciples that not even a sparrow can fall to the ground without God knowing about it and then Jesus added so don’t be anxious you are much more precious than a sparrow”  Indeed we are. God didn’t send His only Son into this world to save birds. He sent Jesus to save us and Jesus did it by His suffering and death on the cross through His sacrifice He gives us life with God now and forever.   For Christ not only died for us, He rose from the dead and His resurrection takes the “scare” out of the graveyard.  


Graveyards may seem creepy, but in daylight they are more like a lovely park.  In fact one little girl rode the school bus home and the new bus driver turned to her and said, ”Where is your stop?” She replied, “It’s right there at the city cemetery!”  The driver said, “You get off here?  Don’t you get scared walking through the graveyard?”  She replied, “Oh, no my home is on the other side of the graveyard. It’s much shorter walking through there than going around.”


She had no fear of tombstones, and for those who know the Risen Savior death holds no power over us. Our God is all powerful and He is watching over us and with us at all times.  As Jesus told his disciples “Fear Not for I am with you!” That phrase “fear not” is mentioned at least 365 times, or approximately once for every day of the year, which I think serves as a good reminder to all of us not to be afraid of that scary stuff.


That’s just my thoughts on this election eve from this SE corner of South Dakota


CH (COL) David Gunderson