Chappy’s corner “Some can and some can’t”

Ole was convicted of a crime and went to prison where he met his cell mate, Fred.  A little later in the day Ole heard someone shout out the number 64 and others in their cells started laughing.   Pretty soon another fellow shouted out number 58 and folks laughed. Then someone shouted 29 and folks laughed. Ole turned to his cellmate and asked “what’s so funny about those numbers?” Fred replied, “Well most of us have been in prison so long that we have heard all the jokes, so we simply numbered them and just repeat the number?” Ole asked “So saying a number means telling a joke?” “That’s it” replied Fred.  So Ole asked, “Can I try it?” Fred said, “Sure shout out any number from 1- 100!”  So Ole shouted “fifty five!”  But there was no laughter.  He shouted again “fifty five!”  No laughter.  At that point Ole asked “What’s my problem?” Fred replied, “Some folks can tell a joke and some can’t”

We all have our talents. Some have more talents than others, but no one can do everything.  My father –in –law is a wonderful man, a gifted mechanic and a jack of all trades. I’ve seen him fix small appliances, repair car engines and build a house. But if you asked him to preach a sermon he wouldn’t do it.  That’s not his talent.  As a preacher I don’t mind public speaking but I do hate plumbing projects. I have done them, but the result is water squirting somewhere.  That’s why I decided there are some things I can only do like deliver a sermon at a funeral, and I will let the plumber fix the garbage disposal.

Understanding the limits of what one can and can’t do is the secret to getting things done.  The other secret is seeking help from those who can do the job.  We need each other.  At times I have tried fixing a leaky sink, and sought guidance from others. Amazingly in the end I learned from them that I could do the plumbing job that earlier I thought I couldn’t do.  At other times the best course of action was to bring an expert in on the job. This is true about anything in life from raising children to maintaining a healthy marriage. At times we may need assistance in these areas.

One area we definitely need help in is our eternal salvation.  Personally I’m glad that when it comes to my salvation God has provided the answer to my troubles.  By myself I would be lost, I can’t save myself. But the good news is that God took care of my salvation by sending His Son, Jesus to pay the price for my sin and to give me eternal life. As Jesus himself says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”   Many folks think they can handle it themselves, but they can’t.  When it comes to offering eternal life only God can do that, we can’t.

Our response is to give thanks and praise for what God does provide, including those plumbers, those preachers and even those people who may irritate us at times.  We need each other, and may we learn to work together.

That’s just my thoughts from this sunny SE corner of South Dakota!

CH (COL) David Gunderson