Chappy’s corner “Trying to Show off?”

Ole and Swen were friends, but nothing Ole had or did ever impressed Swen.  But Ole figured this would all change on their next hunting trip.  Ole showed up with a new hunting dog and the dog did everything perfectly. It pointed and flushed out the birds and retrieved every bird shot down.  Ole turned to Swen and said, “What do you think of my dog?” Swen said, “Nothing special about that dog, there are dozens like him.” At that moment the dog flushed up a bird and it began to fly over a small pond, Ole shot and the bird landed on the water. The dog immediately went after the bird, but instead of swimming the dog walked on the water, retrieved the bird, walked back on the water and dropped the dead bird at Ole’s feet. Ole turned to Swen and said, “Now what do you think of my dog?” Swen replied, “I see he doesn’t know how to swim.”

Some folks are just not impressed and yet like Ole, how hard do we work to impress people.  Now doing our best work should always be our goal, but why are we doing it?  Is it only to get a pat on the back from others, or to get that promotion or to simply show off?

If those are our goals then I believe we need to rethink why we do it. According to the Bible Jesus did some amazing things, but he didn’t do it to show off. He walked on water in order to catch up with the disciples and to calm their fears during a storm. He made water into wine in order for a wedding celebration to continue and He fed thousands because the people were hungry.

Jesus told his disciples that there is no greater love than for a person to lay down his life for his friends.  Jesus backed up those words by suffering and dying on a cross. He died and rose again in order to give people a life that would never end.   Now some folks are impressed by what Jesus did; and trust in Him; others don’t care. But Jesus didn’t do it to impress people; he did it because  the job needed to be done.

In the same spirit men and women put on uniforms to protect the lives of others.  Firefighters, police officers and many more wear uniforms because it is their job. They don’t do it for the glory; they do it because it needs to be done.   On Veteran’s Day many folks showed their appreciation to the veterans for what they did; while others didn’t.  Some places offered special deals to veterans and that is very nice; others didn’t and that’s okay.   The truth is those veterans didn’t do it for the glory, or for the parades or to show off.   They did it because someone had to do it and they stepped up to do the job.   For that I commend all who have served and for those who serve now.  For all of them I truly thank the Lord. I also thank the Lord for their families who sacrifice time from their loved ones so these warriors can get the job done.  That’s just my thoughts from this patriotic SE corner of South Dakota!

CH (COL) David Gunderson