Chappy’s corner “Two are better than one”

Grandpa loved his twin grandsons and if he could spend time with them he would, even if it meant giving them a bath.  On this night he put the two  15 month olds in the bathtub, and when the time was right, he pulled one out dried him off and gave him his Sippy cup, then he reached over and pulled the other twin out of the water and started to dry him also, but that’s when it happened. He turned and the first toddler was gone.  Quickly he grabbed the other and raced out of the bathroom and found the first one standing at the front door completely in the nude, sipping from his cup and relieving himself  ( or peeing) on the front door.  When retelling this story to me, the question immediately was asked, “Why didn’t you put a diaper on him?” And the reply, “I didn’t have time!” 

Caring for one toddler is challenging, taking care of two is tough, and with triplets I would venture it is nearly impossible to have any control.  I don’t know how parents do it, especially a single parent or in this case a single grandparent.   But no one ever said raising children is easy.   But when the times are tough, that’s a great time to seek help.  Unfortunately many folks refuse to do that. They are too proud to ask for help.  Or they find it easier to do the job themselves instead of finding someone else.  But doing it ourselves is not always the best or right way to do things.  We need a helping hand.

In the military we have battle buddies.  A battle buddy is someone who is there to help you and we all need a “battle” buddy when it comes to the challenges in life.  The Bible states “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble. (Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10)  Going it alone is not the way God intended.  From the very beginning God said “it is not good for man to be alone”. 

God wants us to have friends, but having friends means being a friend. That wasn’t the case for Ole and Swen.  Both of them were out hunting when they came across a huge grizzly bear. They both tried to fire their rifles but the weapons jammed.  They started running and then Ole stopped and quickly took out some tennis shoes and replaced his hunting boots with them. Swen said, “Ole is you crazy?  We will never out run that bear.” Ole replied, “I don’t have to out run the bear, I just have to out run you.”  Swen didn’t have a good battle buddy.

In Afghanistan I had a wonderful battle buddy, SSG Steely. He is the kind of guy that will stick with you, through the good, the bad and the ugly. I was blessed to have him as my battle buddy, but the best battle buddy is Jesus. Jesus is the best because he would go to hell and back for us, in a way he did.  On the cross Jesus suffered the full punishment for all our sins, so we could be forgiven and have life with God forever.  It could only happen if Jesus would sacrifice his perfect life for us, and he did.  The best part is that Jesus is still with us. Following his resurrection Jesus promised his disciples and us that he would not abandon us but rather he says, “I am with you always even to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20)

I truly thank the Lord for being my “battle buddy” but also for all those others in my life who have been there, and I just pray that I can be that kind of person for others too.  Maybe that’s a good prayer for all of us to say…

That’s just my thoughts from this friendly SE corner of South Dakota.