Chappy’s corner “What are you smiling about?”

Ole and Swen were great Minnesota Vikings fans, but one cold wintry day on their way to the game, they had an accident and died. Not being believers they ended up in Hell. There they sweated as they shoveled coal and brimstone. But, then one day Ole turned to Swen and said, Do you see that rock over there? There is ice on it, and over there by that brimstone is some frost…Do you know what that means? And Swen smiled proudly, Yep it means the Vikings finally won the Super bowl!

Now, if you are not a Vikings fan, then you probably enjoyed that joke. If you are a Vikings fan (like myself) then you have learned to live with disappointment and you might even have learned to smile a bit when you heard that joke coming. Being able to smile during difficult times is a blessing, but it is not always possible. That is especially true when soldiers go off to war.

Over the years I have seen those soldiers being deployed and I have been one of those deploying soldiers.  On the day they depart there are few smiles, but plenty of tears. Tears from the spouses and children, from moms and dads, and also from the soldiers.

But, when they return it is different. As one who has seen many soldiers return home to parades and welcome home celebrations, I marvel at the joy! To see the same people who were crying tears of sorrow:  now have tears of joy!  What a joyous time!

When I see these reunions and  when I was involved in my own reunion, I kept thinking, “isn’t that what heaven will be like?” One big reunion! To see those we love back together! And in the midst of heaven, is Jesus, who makes it all possible. For Jesus was deployed from heaven in order to fight the war against sin and Satan in order to  save us. And He did save us.  He defeated all our enemies, so we can have life now and forever with God.   That’s his promise to all who trust in Him.

Having that promise helps us as we face those difficult days in our lives. For we know that dark days will happen in our lives and on those days we may not feel like smiling, but we can still rejoice in knowing the Lord is with us, and because He is there for us, we know we have a future. We have a
joy that can’t be destroyed. And knowing that promise, gives us a reason to rejoice.

In fact, we can even smile and laugh a bit, even if our favorite football team doesn’t win the super bowl!
Just my thoughts on this  very chilly day in SE South Dakota!

CH (LTC) David Gunderson