Chappy’s corner “Where did you get that?”

In Florida a young lady went into a shoe store and noticed some very nice alligator boots but the price was extremely high. She told the store owner “I’m not paying that much for a pair of boots” and then she drove off in her little sports car.  Later the store owner saw the same car by the side of the road and there were about five dead alligators on the shoreline. At that moment he saw the same young lady was standing in the middle of a swamp with a shot gun.  He was about to warn her about alligators in the water, when a big one came up behind her, she quickly turned and shot it dead. Then she flipped it over and mumbled, “This one doesn’t have any boots either.”

My good friend, Chaplain Wilson shared that story with me awhile back and today  I share it because like that young lady many folks don’t understand how certain things come into existence.  Alligator boots don’t just appear. Someone made them and then they were delivered by some trucker and the store owner stocked them.  Many hands were involved in the process, but most folks forget that. They simply go in and buy the boots and very often they scream at the cost, because they think it is out of line.  They neglect to remember all who are involved in making this product.   They also forget that behind all the things we have in this world is the one who made the world, namely God.

Everything we have can be traced back to God and for that reason it is good to “give thanks” to the Lord.  Sadly many folks fail to do so.  They fail to say thank you to the waitress who serves them and they forget to thank the Lord who makes it possible for them to live.

The amazing thing is that even though we forget to “thank” God, God continues to pour out His blessings upon us. He continues to provide for our daily needs. That doesn’t mean He gives us everything we want, but he gives us what we need.  God even provides for our eternal needs, by giving His only Son as our Savior because God knew we couldn’t do it on our own.  Just as that young lady would never “find” alligator boots on real alligator, so we would never get eternal life on our own.  Only God could provide it for us, and He did by giving His only Son as our Savior.  That’s the good news, and for that reason alone we can give thanks to God. Even if we don’t have a pair of expensive boots we can still give thanks to the Lord because He is the author and creator of all that we have.

Sometimes we forget that, in Sunday school a teacher said, “And God made everything!” Immediately a little boy said, “No He didn’t my dad built our picnic table!”  The boy was right his dad made the table but only because God has made it possible for the dad to have the knowledge, the equipment and materials to build that table.  Everything we do is because God makes it possible for us to do it, and for that reason we give thanks to the Lord!

That’s just my thoughts from this SE corner of South Dakota!

  CH (COL) David Gunderson