Chappy’s corner “Who are you following?”

Our recent snowstorm reminded me of the story of a young gal driving in her first blizzard and she couldn’t see anything. Finally she saw the lights of a snowplow ahead of her and she remembered her dad’s advice, “If you are caught in a snowstorm and see a snowplow follow the snowplow, that way you will stay safe.” so she did.  After an hour of driving, the snowplow stopped and the driver jumped out and went to the young woman’s door.  She rolled down her window and he told her, “I’m done plowing this parking lot, but I’m going over to Kmart’s parking lot next.”

We all need someone to follow but who is that person for you?  Who are you following?  As a Christian I follow Jesus Christ.  He lived the perfect life and then gave that life as a sacrifice for me and the rest of the world. Jesus is my Lord and Savior. He is also the perfect example for me to follow.

But God has provided other examples for me to follow. They include my parents, my in-laws, my supervisors, friends, co workers, fellow soldiers, fellow chaplains and pastors, commanders, neighbors and many more.  None of them are perfect, like me they have their faults, but they still can serve as role models. 

So who are you following or maybe a better question is who is following you?  Whether we realize it or not, we are all role models to someone. Others are looking at us as examples to follow or maybe examples to be avoided. Sadly there are many parents, supervisors and leaders who are poor examples to follow.  One preacher spent so much time at the church that he had little time for his family.  His wife and children ended up resenting the church and the ministry.  He not only hurt his own family, but also the people he was called to serve.  Through his actions, he preached a message that one’s job was more important than one’s family. 

Thankfully I’ve been blessed with many more positive role models in my life which has inspired me to try and be a good mentor to others.   And if, you are chosen by someone to be their mentor or role model, I hope that you will strive to be the best you can be. In that way they will be glad they choose to follow you.

Just my thoughts from this snowy SE corner of South Dakota!

CH (LTC) David Gunderson