Chappy’s corner: “Who do you know?”
Bob knew everybody. Everybody knew Bob. But, Fred who was new to town didn’t believe it. He thought Bob was just a bragger! So, one day in the barbershop Fred said to Bob, “I bet you don’t know the governor?” Bob said, “I sure do, let’s go see him right now. So they jumped in a car drove to the capital building, and immediately went in and saw the governor. And the governor said, “Good to see you Bob, and then turned to Fred and said, “Bob knows everybody.” And Fred still doubtful says, “I bet he doesn’t know the President.” Bob then asks, “The current President or the past one?” Fred says, “The one in office now.” So Bob says, “Let’s go and they took the governor’s plane to DC, were picked up by secret service and taken to the White House. When the gate guard saw them he said,” Hi, Bob I’ll let you in, and tell the President you are here.” At the front door the President greeted them, and said to Fred, “Bob knows everybody.” But, Fred still didn’t believe it. He said, “I bet Bob doesn’t know the Pope.” At that point the President said, “Why don’t you use Air Force one to fly to Italy and meet him. So, they did. When Bob and Fred came to the Vatican, they found out the Pope was going to make a special appearance and a crowd was forming. Hearing this Bob told Fred. I’m not sure I can get you in to see the Pope. But, If I stand on the podium with him would that be enough proof that the Pope knows me. Fred agreed. So Bob went to see the Pope and in about 30 minutes the Pope came out on the podium and soon another man was standing next to him. Fred couldn’t tell if it was Bob or not, so he tapped another fellow on the shoulder and said, “Can you see who that is up there on the podium?” The other fellow said, “Well, I’m not sure who the guy is in the white robes, but the other fellow is Bob!” It is nice to know important people and be known by them, but it is even better to know the important people in our lives, namely our family and friends. To do that requires spending time with the ones we love. For friends it means taking time out to give another friend a call. For children with older parents, it means giving the folks a call, or stopping by to visit. For husbands and wives spending time means taking time to go on a date, or sit down and visit one on one. For parents it means spending time with your child playing catch, or seeing a movie together, or if the child is older spending time playing a round of golf, or going fishing, or riding a bike. If you don’t think you have time, then visit with one of the soldiers returning home after being gone a year. We will tell you how precious every minute is that you spend with the ones you love. Knowing the right people is important, and knowing the Lord is very important. When we take time for others, may we also find time for the Lord! After all Jesus took the time to save us and make us His very own by his death and resurrection. So, take the time to get know Him better too! That’s just my thought from the SE corner of South Dakota… Chaplain Dave Gunderson 196th MEB SDARNG